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Training Philosophy

 ‘Training without frontiers, collaboration without tears.

It’s a Mind Set!’

In English, there is a saying:

“Sound in body, sound in mind”

However, I believe that we need to train the mind as much as the body. The two go hand-in-hand and in my experience ‘Borderless Learning’ is essential for ‘Life-Long Learning’, fitness and health of both. If we follow this path, then ‘Age is but a number!’  

Skill SeTs

I am an Englishman in Helsinki. Balded but, unbowed! Though my spoken Finnish language skills are quite good nowadays, I freely admit to still having trouble with the written language. However, I am also a versatile and creative instructor with a long history of practicing and coaching children and adults in sports and activities ranging from racquet-ball sports such as Squash (Kösiä) to Parkour and self-defense (5 of my own clubs since 1987). I often combine them to create Dynamic Physical Education programmes for schools, kids' afternoon clubs and adult groups alike. I draw on all of this experience to provide strength and functional fitness training that can be adapted to a group or individual training needs.

Training with me, you will never feel alone.

Sporting history etc.

As a youngster, I focused more on competitive sports (E.g. Tennis, Football & Squash), but, as I have aged, my attention has turned to more eclectic arts (non-competitive) in the form of martial arts (self-defense) and more recently Parkour. 

In the course of these activities I have also attained several other qualifications and work experience:

- Parkour Instructor (SPY VOK1)

- Self-defense Instructor (since 1983) 

- NLP Master Practitioner

- Certified Protection Officer (+ Järjestyksenvalvoja, Vartija & Vahtimestari)

- Vocational Teacher qualification (M.Sc. Security & Risk Management)

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